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Thanks for asking what ‘The Survey Samurai’ is all about :-) !

Well actually it’s all about so called Paid To Surveys . We, the guys and ladies from ‘The Survey Samurai’ are dedicated to provide you the best experience while you try to get paid to take surveys . We check out the different survey companies on the market and test their products for our members. We inform our members about the best offers we find through our member newsletter. We also publish some results of our researches here on in our member area.

But that’s not all! We also check other stuff we stumble upon during our researches, that help either make money from home, or help for an easier life (like ‘how to receive a free credit report ‘ or ‘help and tips to avoid foreclosing on your home ‘). When you sign up as a member, you can also choose to receive this kind of informations :)
If you are like we and want to test if you really can make money with paid surveys we suggest you sign up as a member for free with ‘The Survey Samurai’ and start to receive the latest news about the hottest current offers of earn money surveys . There is absolutely no risk - IT’S FREE! We also promise to NEVER EVER give out your email address to any other person or company, or spam you with crappy stuff you never wanted to receive (-> privacy statement ). And if you ever decide to cancel you membership you can do this at any time by just clicking on a link and will never receive any mail from us again (except of course if you sign up again ;-) )